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2022 and beyond!

If 2021 has taught us anything, it is that God knows how to show His grace in every circumstance. We are already a month into 2022, and it’s clear that in this year, God will show just how deeply He loves and cares for His children.

The holidays were wonderful, but La Semilla is working hard to help students finish this academic year with great success. We said goodbye to our 6th graders in person, but have continued to provide support to some through virtual learning. Our hope is that through this medium, we will be able to provide students with support beyond what we could do in person. What we once saw as a means to help students ‘just get by’ is now a method that can provide pre-teens with guidance, support and encouragement during a pivotal time in their lives. Our students have shown overall growth in their academics! This is a great testament to the hard work of our tutors. The center would be a truly different place without them!

And while I would love for this to be a praise report only, I feel that it is crucial to ask for your prayers for our La Semilla families during this time. Many of our families are being impacted by health and financial concerns. While I cannot share intimate details, suffice it to say that financial uncertainty, health issues, and doubts about the future can impact the parents of our children. Keep La Semilla’s children in your hearts as you pray for God’s hand to move on our community.

Above all, we want La Semilla to be a place of joy and hope for our families. Our goal is not to just be a ‘homework help;’ we want to bring God’s love to their lives! Our parents constantly are amazed at how happy their children are to be here, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Keep our center in your prayers! We definitely are praying for you.

Andrea Estrada

Executive Director

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