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Advanced Students need Tutoring, Too!

At La Semilla, we want to help families of ALL students succeed. That goes for families with gifted students as well! While it might seem a surprise to some, tutoring and challenging academic extracurricular activities have a high benefit to children who are working at level or above their grade level.

Some may think: if a child is successful on his or her own, why would they need to spend more time on school work? Won't that burn them out?

According to the National Association for Gifted Children, academic support should begin "with the premise that each child should come to school to stretch and grow daily." Parents, teachers and tutors should instruct children that the measure of progress and growth is competition with oneself rather than competition against others.

La Semilla has students who thrive at school and in our center. For those who are over achieving, we like to challenge them with concepts that they've already learned, but with more rigor.

a student works on a page of writing prompts
A 6th grader shows their prior knowledge and writing skills

It's important to note this doesn't mean "more of the same work, but faster." "Reading more books that are too easy and doing more math problems that have ceased being a challenge are killers of motivation and interest," according to the Gifted Association. We need to challenge our students to show what they know at their level. We need to give them as many chances to grow in their skills as possible, even if it means more work for tutors in our center.

That's our goal. We want our students to feel challenged, but proud of the effort they put into their work. Now it's up to the adults to be up to the challenge!

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