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Fun & Games: A Great Way to Engage Students

While La Semilla Learning Center Students are busy working on homework and skills practice most days, that's not all that happens at the center. After a long day's work, there's nothing like letting off a little steam with some fun activities, like games and science projects!

According to Scholastic, children's language skills, focus, and problem solving skills are put to the test when they play board games. Teamwork and collaboration are also necessary to play a game and win, which is a life-long skill that we are proud to help instill in our students.

Some board games even incorporate skills that students have been practicing. For instance, one of the Bingo sets we have in house can only be won if the student knows his/her times tables; another uses sight words to help students practice reading skills.

Then you've got some games that are just good, old-fashioned fun -- or are they? Games like Jenga, Operation, and even Uno require students to use lighting fast reflexes, planning and strategy, and forethought. Plus, everyone can get involved in the excitement!

If a student is tired of games, some of our tutors have even brought in science experiments for our children to try. One student had to figure out how the electrical current of a battery could be stopped by moving wires from a battery (while under adult supervision).

It's no wonder our students love coming to La Semilla! They know fun activities await them!

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